11156300_10152619038206486_9107448872270587298_nHi. Thanks for visiting. The past couple of years I have become a bit addicted to endurance events, having found myself in two Ironman’s and a Marathon.

This year I have done two things. I have signed up to more events than I have previously taken part in and I have decided that the pain (and enjoyment) I am having should also be doing something good for other people as well.

April – Brighton Marathon

May – Prague Marathon

June – Ultimate Trails 55km Ultra-Marathon

July – Ironman Zurich

During 2015 I have signed myself up to two marathons, an ultra-marathon and an Ironman. In the space of  4 months. Why? Firstly, there’s something wrong in my brain that makes me enjoy this sort of thing. Secondly, I am raising money for a charity that is close to home for me. A family that I have grown up knowing, and over the times have been there for me, went through a terrible time over the past few years. Tiegan’s Star raises money for families going through similar times to them and having to drop their lives to spend time with their child in hospital.

To donate, please go to: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/ayearfortiegan